From sea to shining sea

The Rocky Mountains' snowy peaks, the picturesque fishing villages of the Maritimes, British Columbia's totem poles, the Big Sky of the Prairies, historic Quebec City, Toronto's skyscrapers, Vancouver's cafés, Montreal's lively festivals, and Ottawa's world-class museums? let yourself be guided beyond the postcard scenery and discover the secrets of this young country with so much to offer.



This huge territory is characterized by an expansive wilderness of lakes, rivers and forest, but also by fascinating, colourful cities with a European flair. Discover vibrant, multicultural Montreal with its excellent restaurants, lively nightspots and countless festivals, or historically and architecturally rich Quebec City. For those in search of peaceful rural landscapes, abounding in lakes, rolling hills and charming little towns, a trip through the Laurentians to Charlevoix or around Île d'Orléans is definitely in order. Lovers of the great outdoors will be delighted by the unspoiled beauty of the Gaspésie or Saguenay regions, while the truly adventurous will enjoy an expedition to Île d'Anticosti or to Quebec's Far North.

The Atlantic Provinces

The Atlantic provinces offer some of the most beautiful natural sites in eastern North America, including the spectacular Cape Breton Highlands, the magnificent sandy beaches on Prince Edward Island, the cliffs and fjords of Newfoundland's Gros Morne National Park, and the stunning landscapes along the Bay of Fundy, sculpted by the highest and most powerful tides in the world. The area's unique charm, however, is also found in the simple scenes of everyday life, like the sight of a fleet of colourful ships heading out in the morning fog from a little fishing port along the coast.


Often the first image that comes to mind when thinking of Ontario is the Great Lakes, those tremendous expanses of fresh water surrounded by the untamed abundance of nature. Another obvious image invokes vast, fertile fields dotted with farmhouses charmingly adorned with balconies, shutters and flowers, or tiny hamlets with splendid dwellings that often date back more than a century and a half. Finally, there are towns with a priceless architectural heritage, silent witnesses to the prosperity of Canada's richest province. Rural Ontario certainly has plenty to delight romantic souls looking for tranquillity and a glimpse of the past, but this province also has an eminently modern, urban face. After all, it encompasses Toronto, Canada's biggest city, and Ottawa, its federal capital.

Western Canada

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba: get ready to discover Western Canada! You will be swept away by its dramatic landscapes, from the vast expanses of the Prairies to the snowy peaks of the Rockies. And don't forget to stop in the big cities of the region -- Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg -- each with its own distinctive character. Whether you ski on freshly powdered slopes, hike along forest trails, drive through fields of wheat, or pound the city sidewalks, Western Canada is full of surprises!

Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut

These are lands of adventure, extremes and challenges. They have a wealth of attractions to offer anyone who loves outdoor activities and is fascinated by unspoiled wilderness and the ancestral traditions of those who make their home there. The N.W.T. includes two of the 10 biggest lakes in the world (Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake), whose icy surfaces are traversed by wide roads in winter; the majestic Virginia Falls, which are twice as high as Niagara Falls; and the impressive 1,800 km-long (1,118 mi) Mackenzie River, which flows into the Beaufort Sea a few kilometres north of Inuvik. There are numerous parks to explore, such as the Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site in the Yukon. Auyuittuq National Park and Sirmilik National Park are located on Baffin Island, in Nunavut, while Aulavik, Nahanni and Tuktut Nogait national parks are found in the Northwest Territories. Wood Buffalo National Park, also in the Northwest Territories on the Alberta border, is home to the world's largest free-roaming herd of bison. The North is the place to discover wildlife and to experience the vastness and beauty of Canada.

Where on earth

To the east and west lie the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, respectively. To the north, the Arctic Ocean forms the sole boundary, while the United States stretches the entire length of Canada's southern border.